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What if I outgrow the accessory my Human plans to buy?

Jo as a paw-rent herself, knows first-hand that this question may cross your mind when considering ordering new accessories. Adhering to the spirit of our core values, Paws&Licks is excited to introduce our Growth Pawtection Plan. 

This is an industry-free program designed specifically to replace your bandana for a larger one when the time arises. An even better, all bandanas will be donated to local charities to continue making others trendy and prolonging the life cycle of the accessory.


Please not that only Paws&Licks bandanas are eligible. Are you now ready to give back to our community?

* What is the Paws&Licks Growth Pawtection Plan or GPP?

With this plan, Paws&Licks will replace a bandana for a larger size one within 9 months from the purchase date. In our experience, most furballs are fully grown after 9-12 months!

The GPP is available for all our furstomers and must be asked for at the time of purchase. It is fully transferable in case you buy the product for somepawdy else or somepawdy else gifts it to you.

The bandanas in good conditions that are sent to us will be resused and will entitle you discount codes to use in the next purchase.

* What is the cost of the plan?

We give a 50% discount code to every furstomer that wants a larger size Paws&Licks bandana, valid for 1 month. Can only be used once.

* How long do I have to exchange the bandana for a larger one?

All claims must be made within 9 months of purchase and can only be swapped once.

* How many bandanas will be replaced?

Paws&Licks will replace the bandana only once. The plan will then be considered fulfilled and no other exchanges/returns will be accepted.

* How do I start the exchange process?

Please reach out to us directly at to start the process. 

* What are the requirements of the plan?

Paws&Licks bandanas must be in wearable condition. Items with major tears, cuts, or damage will not be replaced. 

The GPP is not intended to replace damaged accessories.

* What if I my order contains multiple bandanas?

If you want to protect all items bought, you must get a GPP for each of them; however, you can get one GPP and use it for any of the items.

For example, if you buy 3 bandanas, you can ask for a total of 3 GPPs (one for each) or you may ask for one and use it for any bandana bought.


 * Who pays for shipping?

Your Human is responsible for shipping the item to be replaced back to Paws&Licks via Registered Shipping. When received, we will ship the larger item to you at no additional cost.

* What design pattern will I receive?

You will receive the larger item in the same pattern originally purchased.

For example, if you bought an x small bandana with the GPP and you outgrew it, we will exchange it for a medium or large one, in the same fabric.

* What happens if my design and desired size is out of stock?

If this happens, you will be able to choose a different pattern.


 * Can I exchange the product for a smaller size?

No, the GPP is only designed to replace the bandana due to growth.

* What happens to the returned bandanas? 

Because they cannot be resold, we will donate the returned items to local charities (animal care institutions) and other organizations that can put them to use. That is the main reason why the items have to be in wearable condition.

With this plan we want to help reduce waste and make other furballs wag their tails.

*When do I receive the discount code?

The discount code is sent by email after we received the returned bandana.


Please reach out to with any other questions! 

Disclaimer: Paws&Licks reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. Such changes, modifications, additions, or delitions to the GPP's terms and conditions of use shall be effective immediately upon notice, which may be given by any means including, but not limited to, posting new terms and conditions on this site. In the event that any changes are made, the revised terms and conditions shall be posted on this website as soon as possible. Please check the latest information posted in here to inform yourself of any changes. Paws&Licks may terminate, change, suspend or discontinue any aspect of this plan.

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