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We're Zen and Jo, the snout and face behind Paws&Licks.

Two Portuguese girls who believe they're blessed to be in each others lives.

H A N D M A D E         C U T E          Q U A L I T Y     

L O W  P R I C E S          F U R B A L L  A C C E S S O R I E S 

About Us

Paws&Licks was created on the 18th January, 2018 based on the concept that every furball deserves and can have a fashion accessory.

We are based in Lisbon, Portugal and work in our free time on our living room or bedroom - also politely called "home office". Jo is an educational psychologist who works full time as a flight attedant & Zen is the pawrfect furball CEO the World has ever seen! Together we're happy and rule our Universe!

All of our accessories are handmade with love, some sniffing and pawrfect final inspection.

Every piece of fabric is cut with care, every stitch lovingly sewn and every detail finished with animal pawrfectionist approval. 

We try to be as sustainable as possible and we believe that every furball has its own personality and style - so we don't actually have a lot of each fabric.

Don't fluff around - if you like it you should put your paws on it, before it's gone fuuuuuuuuurever.

None of our accessories is labeled because we defend no furball should free advertise Paws&Licks if they don't really woooooooof or miaaaaaaau our brand.

We believe Paws&Licks can help us give back in a way we can´t in our own so, we will donate 10% of our profit to different worldwide charities (every year - hopefully every month in a near future) - so while you furball are looking the most cutest and stylish in your adventures, you can also give yourself a pawfive for supporting a brand that cares for our world.

We have our annual Loyalty Card and lots of other surprises during the year around our website & Instagram page - go follow our pawprints!

Whithout your love and support we wouldn´t be able to continue to do something we really love. So, T H A N K  Y O U!



Hugs, paws and licks,

Zen & Jo

@world_of_zen & @jo.spinola

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